Hout Bay Chiropractic was started in February 2020 and is located inside the Beach Clinic at the Village Square. The premises are shared by a chiropractor, biokineticists and an orthotist. This allows the clinic to be multidisciplinary, with a holistic and patient-centred approach to your care.  


About Us

Dr Samantha Scholtz

Dr Samantha Scholtz first graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences from the University of the Witwatersrand. She then went on to receive her chiropractic degree from the University of Johannesburg. She graduated with the Academic Merit Award which recognises the top performing academic student of her year. 

Her approach to treatment is evidence-based, patient-centred and holistic. She believes we must look beyond pain relief and strive for optimal functioning wherever possible. Her passion for chiropractic started following her first adjustment. After completing her bachelor’s degree she knew she wanted to further her career in health. She shadowed many health professionals, of which chiropractors reported the most job satisfaction and felt the most fulfilled. One chiropractor treated her and she has never looked back.

She loves sports! She is currently an avid CrossFitter, she participated in the Roller Derby World Cup, and was a national level gymnast. She has a passion for sports injuries and prevention as well as the role of nutrition in health and sports. 

She is family chiropractor, believing strongly in the benefits of chiropractic for good health throughout ALL stages of life.

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